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Catriona Ross


Hello, I'm a Highland Communicator who can help you connect with those you want to reeach.


Beware of gobbledeygook and mind torturing myriads of social media. Clarity and simplicity are vital amidst life's maddening information deluge.

I specialise in nature, music and mental health and bring more than 20 years’ experience in journalism and teaching.

I've been taking time out from work as I have bipolar disorder.  I'm learning to live a healthy, balanced life through spending time outdoors and practices like meditation, yoga and Focusing.

I am particularly interested in how mindfulness, music, sport and the natural world can help those of us struggling in our self destructive, materialistic society onto a path to healing.

I'm currently an inpatient at New Craigs Psychiatric Hospital, about to enter the second week of a detention of up to 28 days under the Mental Health (Care and Treatment)(Scotland) Act 2003.  The detention was granted on 23 January so with any luck I'll be free by my birthday!

I'm being well looked after here and although there are inevitable frustrations and flashpoints the staff are doing a brilliant job. 

Their job is made much more difficult for many reasons.  Therapeutic services such as the gym, the social centre and occupational therapy have been cut to the bone.  I feel like I am really struggling from being severely restricted from going outside and not being able to keep up an exercise regime, which is vital to my wellbeing.

The newly introduced smoking ban is a nightmare.  It is impossible to police and makes all of us very nervous, and threatens the cameraderie and mutual support those of us who smoke benefit from numerous times a day.  The windows are screwed tightly shut which, in my case, creates a feeling of claustrophobia and anxiety.

However there is also music, laughter and friendship and we're jointly composing a song called 'The Haywire Hotel'.

Watch this space for the recording.

I have a ward round meeting with my psychiatrist and care team soon so am off to wind down by sweeping the fag butts in the court yard and hopefully getting out for a walk in the lovely rain.

Catriona Ross


Monday 5 February 2024